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Tru-Spring Armature Bar Low Lift Light

Tru-Spring Armature Bar Low Lift Light


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Tru-Spring Armature Bar Low Lift Light

The Tru-Spring system of spring mounting ensures consistency in spring angle of deflection and eliminates all spring bending. Makes changing to thicker or thinner springs quick and accurate. Maximizes spring performance and exerts exact front and back spring pressure on the contact points of the machine.

IMPORTANT: Tru-Spring armature bars will not fit on some cut-back style machine frames. To determine if a Tru-Spring armature bar will fit on a machine, measure from the contact points to the center of the back spring mounting screw. If this measurement is or over, a Tru-Spring armature bar and springs will fit on that machine.

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Tru-Spring Armature Bar Low Lift Light
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