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Tattoo Ointment 25ml 100 Tubes

Tattoo Ointment 25ml 100 Tubes


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Tattoo Ointment 25ml 100 Tubes

Pegasus Pro Tattoo-Ointment deters the formation of scab on the wound , its fat creme-basis ensures that the pigments stay inside the skin were they are supposed to and aren't washed out as a result of wound treatment, because Pegasus Pro Tattoo-Ointment does not consist of a water&oil emulsion like many competitors products this effect isn't apparent. It is ideal for the aftercare of Tattoos, Branding, Cutting and Permanent Make-Up. Dexpanthenol, tea tree oil and wheat germ oil regenerate the skin from the inside, they're also strengthening the skins surface layer. Pegasus Pro Tattoo-Ointment is neither absorbed by the skin nor is it dehydrating it, it is free from artificial preservatives and emulsifiers.

Pegasus Pro Tattoo-Ointment is produced according to GMP*-guidelines.

*Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is an international ,WHO recognized, set of regulations, codes, and guidelines by which drug(known as medicinal products in Europe), medical devices, diagnostic products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are manufactured.

Tattoo Ointment 25ml 100 Tubes
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