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Sterilization Test Sample card

Sterilization Test Sample card


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Sterilization Test Sample card

We offer you certification according to DIN* regulations for the maintenance of hot-air- sterilizers and autoclaves. Certification happens as follows:
We send you a sample card containing the necessary bio indicators. These bio indicators are sterilized in their packaging, using the unit to be certified, and send back to the adress given on the envelope ( that means not to Tribal Jewelry) of HS -Prüfsysteme.

In the lab at HS -Prüfsysteme the indicators are incubated for 7 days. In case the results show microbial growth a required differential diagnosis is carried out.

After 8-14 days you get your complete inspection protocol, which a certificate of testing recognized by health authorities.
According to DIN regulations this inspection should take place every 6 month or after every major repair!

* DIN is used for German standards with primarily domestic significance or designed as a first step toward international status.(DIN, the German Institute for Standardization)

Sterilization Test Sample card
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