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Sabre Tattoo Needles 9 Liner-Size 10

Sabre Tattoo Needles 9 Liner-Size 10


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Sabre Tattoo Needles 9 Liner-Size 10


Get a Crisp Outline and the Best Ink Flow with Sabre Needles

You've come to the only place that sells the Sabre Tattoo Needle with extreme long taper. We've got the World exclusive.
What does an extreme tapered needle produce?
Less pain for your client and crisper outlines.

How can you be sure the Sabre Tattoo Needles are as magnificent as they claim?
Each needle is checked by microscope to ensure its perfection.

The First Tattoo Needle of a Kind

You've likely tried dozens of tattoo needles because each of the manufacturers promised some sort of great result or because the price was right.
It's also likely you found each of those needles to be just like the rest.
This time is different. If you haven't tried Sabre for yourself, then you're about to find out what makes this innovative needle so revolutionary to the tattoo industry.
It's all in the New Extreme Long Taper that results from a unique production technique.
The technique allows the ink to flow better resulting in a superior ink delivery and less pain for your customer.

Sabre Tattoo Needles 9 Liner-Size 10
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