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Edisonite 1Kg

Edisonite 1Kg


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Edisonite 1Kg

Edisonite is a powdert detergent well suited to the ultrasonic cleaning of instruments and workpieces made of metal, glass, plastics, rubber, porcelain, quarz and ceramics. Edisonite removes even tenacious stains, has low material fatigue impact, is self-acting and anti-corrosive. Removes soilings such as protein, blood, oil, fat, wax and silicone.

Edisonite is labeled according to the german medical products law (MPG) with the CE label , it is non-toxic, free of corrosive alkali and chlorine compounds. Biodegradable in accordance to OECD-guidline 301 E.


0,5% - 1%, according to degree of soiling

1,0% at 70°C for decontamination purposes

Edisonite 1Kg
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