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Atomic Ink Fresh Wine 30ml

Atomic Ink Fresh Wine 30ml


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Atomic Ink Fresh Wine 30ml

The innovative formula makes this tint shiny, fluid and easy to apply. The colour spreads efficiently under the skin because of its good quality ingredients, carefully selected and tested.
It's easy to mix with other inks to achieve infinite gradations. Vivid and strong colours on skin that last in time.

Atomic colours are suitable for all styles: Realism and Portrait, Landscape, Tribal, Black & Skin.

Produced in Germany with Management System for Quality certificate ISO 9000:2000. Complete with all the legal certifications: form MSDS 16 points in Italian and Analysis Certificate for every pigment and for every single batch.

All the inks respect the strict European legislations ResAP(2008)1 with regards to the release of aromatic cancerous amines. PAH and in relation to the content of heavy metals.
All inks are sterilised to guarantee the absolute microbiological security.

Available in 30ml/1oz bottles.

Atomic Ink Fresh Wine 30ml
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