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ALPHA superfluid 50 percent Black 30ml tattoocolour

ALPHA superfluid 50 percent Black 30ml tattoocolour


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ALPHA superfluid 50 percent Black 30ml tattoocolour

The new SUPERFLUID colour series consists of 7 levels of black und 6 Sumi "greywash" colour tones.
Pigment concentrations are finely graduated and each given in percentage of the darkest tone.
Sumi and black tones are, inspite of high pigment concentration levels, highly fluid. Therefore they are especially suitable for fast working tattoo artists. All colour tones heal into a cold black tone.

"Advanced skin sealing" technology - more in the skin!
Alpha SUPERFLUID provide an optimal pore sealing effect. It seals the stitches and prevents colour bleeding. Consequently more black stays inside the skin right from the beginning.

"Easy-Flow" technology - easier into the skin!
The pigment carrier system is highly fluid and has low surface tension. Through the capillary effect it is optimaly picked up by the needle and transported into the skin. "Easy-Flow" technology enables very fast and effective work processes with minimal skin injuries. Only PAK-free high-performance pigments made in Germany are used in alpha SUPERFLUID. They are produced AZO secure, heavy metal tested, NDELA free, without preserving agents, with cosmetic pharmazeutical dispersion agents, without animal trials, vegan and naturally sterile.

ALPHA superfluid 50 percent Black 30ml tattoocolour
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